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Frequently Asked Questions
(frequently asked questions, terms & conditions, and general tips for

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. What is is San Luis Obispo County's online coupon directory. We offer coupons, deals and other special offers from a variety of local merchants, services in San Luis Obispo County and Central Coast areas.

2. What if I cannot print a coupon?  You can Please write down on a piece of paper or card:, the merchant number (listed on coupon), along with the coupon offer and company name, then take coupon to the merchant for redemption.

3. How do I advertise with SLO Coupons?

4. What are the terms and conditions for the coupon discounts?

Please CONTACT US if you have any other questions or concerns.

General Tips & Reminders...

1. Before printing our coupons, we advise that your browsers font size is set to medium and your browser's margins are set to .25" on all four (top, bottom, left & right) sides, this helps to ensure that the entire offer is printed on one page. Try printing one before you worry about this though, as your default settings should work just fine.

2. Printer settings should be set to ECONOFAST or PRINT IN GRAYSCALE for most efficient use of printer ink.

3. Please use your browser's back button to return to a previous page.

4. Please read all coupon
Terms & Conditions CAREFULLY.

5. When using restaurant or other service related coupons, please tip appropriately based on the full price of the service before the discount.

If you are happy with your service and or product when using one of our merchants, please return for more business and tell your friends.

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